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Rida Zayn – An Entrepreneur and MBBS Student – She is an Inspiration for Youngsters in Pakistan

While only in business for less than two years, Rida Zayn has quickly turned her cosmetics business into the top brand in Pakistan. This has helped to make her one

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China sees notable achievements in protection and utilization of cultural relics over past five years

China witnessed rich fruits of its endeavors to protect and make better use of cultural relics during its 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20). During the period, the country completed its

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SeedBalls: An Alternative To traditional Agriculture is Gaining Popularity

The hand-formed seedballs (seed bombs) consist of a sustainable seed mixture, soil, natural clay and the best tap water. The rock-hard balls can be thrown over walls and obstacles onto

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Getting Started In The Real Estate Business Was Never This Easy

Many people keep searching for how to make money. Real estate investing is something that instantly comes to mind. However, lack of information makes it an inapproachable option. Investing in

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Big launch: 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable bag

Xinlimin recently refreshes nonwoven bags with 100% Eco-friendly BIO-DEGRADABLE and even COMPOSTABLE bags. These bags are inadvertently littered they will

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Ohio Twins Innovate Theater Profit Centers as Clubhouse Shows Take Internet By Storm

Amidst pandemic shut-downs, theater enthusiasts are still finding innovative ways to bring productions to the forefront. Clubhouse has become the

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On AK Galerie: A Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin

AK Galerie is a charming, contemporary art gallery based in Berlin, the global capital of culture. The novel art gallery

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Reptiles Cove Releases A Report On Reptile Pet Ownership Trends In The United States

The report’s highlight is that reptiles are no longer considered ‘unusual’ pets with interest in these beautiful animals growing steadily.

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Experts suggest that non-woven bags be used instead of traditional plastic bags to reduce pollution

With the “plastic order” the introduction of the limit, “non-woven shopping bag” by a not known as the “ugly duckling”

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On Anna Kimmerle: Charlottenburg’s Addition to the Art Scene

Anna Kimmerle is the owner of Berlin art gallery, AK Galerie, found in the heart of Charlottenburg. AK Galerie is

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February 2021