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Sanaré Wellness Launches the Energy Enhancement System: A Unique Technology That Helps The Body Heal Itself

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Sanaré Wellness Launches the Energy Enhancement System: A Unique Technology That Helps The Body Heal Itself

February 23
15:15 2024
Sanaré Wellness Launches the Energy Enhancement System: A Unique Technology That Helps The Body Heal Itself

The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body.
What Is the Energy Enhancement System? Sanaré Wellness, one of the first premiere centers of its kind worldwide, launched its 24 Unit Energy Enhancement System (EES), a technology that helps the body heal itself. This revolutionary technology, developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the EES generates multiple bioactive, regenerative energy fields, including scalar waves and biophotons, that assist the body’s ability to repair and heal itself.


What Are Scalar Waves, and What Do They Do?

Mark Stalter, owner of Sanare’ Wellness explains, “Biophotons are light particles generated and emitted by a biological system. As cells become charged with this energy, they release toxins. Research shows that exposure to scalar fields can promote the repair of DNA.”

This incredible technology, known as the Energy Enhancement System available at Sanare’ Wellness, gives the human body the ultimate support for improving circulation, oxygenation, and increasing cellular energy. At optimum energy levels (higher frequencies), the body can begin rejuvenating and recalibrating itself back to homeostasis.

Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies come from opposite directions together and collide, creating a static energy field. Unlike sound or light waves, scalar waves carry out transmissions of energy without decaying over distance or time. Scalar energy is highly effective because human cells have a crystalline structure that holds energy. According to Kathy Stalter, co-owner of Sanare’ Wellness, “When a human cell is operating at maximum potential, it holds an energy charge between 70–90 millivolts. The potential for disease occurs when millivolts drop below this ideal range.”

When people sit in an EE session at Sanare’ Wellness, scalar waves move through their cells, exciting and recharging them. A recharged cell will release toxins into the bloodstream that can then be released through detoxification. Research shows that exposure to scalar fields can help repair damaged DNA and assist in neutralizing harmful, human-made electromagnetic frequencies.

Health starts within the cells of the body. A high electrical charge in those cells leads to experience helath, while a low electrical charge leads to disease. One of the main intentions of the EE System is to charge the cells based on the principle that humans interact with the energetic resonance of their environment. When spending enough time in an environment charged at 70–90 millivolts, cells will begin to assimilate and sync to their optimal charge levels, allowing the body to heal itself.

Healthy cells are able to heal and make new cells to replace those that have been permanently damaged or destroyed. Even when a large number of cells are destroyed, healthy surrounding cells replicate to make new cells, quickly replacing those that were destroyed. Through optimal energy enhancement and changes to our lifestyles, the human body can heal and correct imbalances.

Behind Sanaré Wellness

Sanaré Wellness is conveniently located in Southington Ct just outside the capital region of Hartford. Kathleen and Mark Stalter opened their healing center after experiencing EE System healing for themselves, giving them greater mobility, relieving their pain from inflamation, and even improving Kathleen’s vision. Visit: to learn more.

Sanaré is a proud member of Unifyd Healing. Mark Stalter is also a Partner with JuicePlus+ products. and LifeWave products. Kathy Stalter is a partner for LifeWave

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