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New York Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Discusses Essential Prenup Considerations for Women

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New York Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Discusses Essential Prenup Considerations for Women

February 12
17:38 2024
New York Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Discusses Essential Prenup Considerations for Women

New York family law attorney Richard Roman Shum ( of the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum has recently published an informative article addressing a critical aspect of marital agreements. The article sheds light on how prenuptial agreements can serve as a tool for asset protection and financial clarity for women, particularly those with substantial assets or entrepreneurial ventures.

In the article, the New York family law attorney emphasizes the importance of understanding the nuances and legalities of prenuptial agreements in New York. Shum aims to clarify the complexities surrounding these agreements and to underscore their potential to minimize conflicts and financial disputes during a divorce proceeding.

As described by the New York family law attorney, “A prenuptial agreement is more than a legal necessity; it’s a strategic blueprint for safeguarding one’s individual interests and ensuring a fair division of joint assets should a marriage come to an end.” He further states, “It is critical for anyone considering marriage, particularly women with significant premarital assets, to contemplate the provisions of a prenup seriously.”

The article outlines the benefits of prenuptial agreements, highlighting protection of premarital assets, limitation of debt liability, and facilitation of an efficient divorce process as some of the key advantages. Shum explains that these agreements are not just about asset protection; they are about planning for financial stability and peace of mind.

New York’s stringent prenup laws require a written agreement, voluntary consent, full disclosure of assets and liabilities, fairness, and proper execution to ensure enforceability. It is crucial, according to Shum, to approach a prenuptial agreement with the guidance of a family law attorney well-versed in New York law to ensure that the document reflects the couple’s intentions and stands up in court.

When it comes to how to ask for a prenuptial agreement, Shum advises starting the conversation early, being transparent about intentions, and listening actively to a partner’s concerns. Couples are encouraged to educate themselves on New York family law, seek professional legal help, and emphasize the positive aspects of a prenup.

Shum also covers the negotiation and drafting process of a prenup, stressing the importance of identifying goals, full disclosure, and fair terms. He advises that both parties should have independent legal counsel review the agreement to prevent any potential issues of undue influence or coercion.

While prenups are designed to last, Shum acknowledges that life’s unforeseen changes might necessitate modifications or termination of the agreement. He outlines common grounds for amending a prenup and underscores that these changes can only be made before or during the marriage.

For those in need of assistance with prenuptial agreements, the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is ready to provide the necessary legal support. With an approach that focuses on clarity and enforceability, Shum and his team help individuals make informed decisions to protect their financial futures.

About Law Office of Richard Roman Shum:

The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in family law. With a deep understanding of the sensitivities and complexities involved, the firm strives to offer personalized support to clients navigating prenuptial agreements and other family law matters. Their approach is client-centered, ensuring that each individual’s rights and interests are at the forefront of all legal strategies.


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