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South Carolina Author Kimberly Brown Announces Upcoming Release of Her First Traditionally Published Novel, ‘Courage to Love Again’

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South Carolina Author Kimberly Brown Announces Upcoming Release of Her First Traditionally Published Novel, ‘Courage to Love Again’

February 12
20:00 2024
Kimberly has authored numerous self-published titles that have risen to high acclaim. ‘Courage To Love Again’ officially debuts in April 2024 and is now available for pre-order.

Author Kimberly Brown is excited to announce the upcoming official release of her first-ever traditionally published novel, ‘Courage To Love Again’. This new title is now available for pre-order via major retailers and will launch on April 23, 2024.

Brown is a South Carolina native whose passion for writing blossomed into an endeavour in 2021 with the release of her first self-published novel, ‘Pretty Caged Bird’. Since then, she has prolifically published a catalog of more than 30 contemporary, urban romance novels that have captivated readers and created a fan base that eagerly awaits Brown’s next tale.

‘Courage To Love Again’ centers around main character Pasha St. Claire. At the beginning of the story, her husband of five years ends the marriage because he can’t cope with her mental health, weight gain, or inability to give birth to a child. She finds her belongings on the curb and the locks to her home changed. Pasha calls for a car, and Callum Ellis answers.

He brings her to a hotel at her request, and when Pasha discovers that her credit cards have been canceled, Callum pays for her stay. Months later, the two cross paths again. Callum has been thinking of Pasha since their encounter and would like to strike up a romance, but, despite feeling inclined to indulge, Pasha isn’t sure if she should decline his advances or find the courage to love again.

“This is a beautiful story of heartbreak, growth, and rebirth. ‘Courage To Love Again’ is a tale of allowing someone to love you after being broken, but it is also a tale of learning to love yourself again,” said Brown.

‘Courage To Love Again’ is now available for pre-order via major retailers including Target, Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, The Dock Bookshop, and Harvard Bookstore, and on April 23, 2024, it will be available for purchase. Pre-order now and stay up to date with the release of ‘Courage To Love Again’ by visiting


Author Kimberly Brown is a South Carolina native who captivates readers with contemporary, urban romance and fiction crafted for Black women. Kimberly’s first book, ‘Pretty Caged Bird’, made its debut in 2021 as her first self-published title. Kimberly holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from South Carolina University and is working towards her master’s in Mental Health Counseling. She weaves mental health into her writings to address the lack of discussions on mental health in the African American community. Follow Kimberly on social media: 

Facebook: @authorkimberlybrown

Twitter/X: @AuthorKBrown

Instagram: @authorkimberlybrown

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Contact Person: Kimberly Brown
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