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Beyond Milk Thistle: A Night Owl’s Guide to Choosing Optimal Liver Protection Tablets

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Beyond Milk Thistle: A Night Owl’s Guide to Choosing Optimal Liver Protection Tablets

February 12
14:58 2024

The effects of PQQ + Inositol are notable, especially in addressing the harmful impacts of staying up late, which is particularly detrimental to the liver. Recent research highlights a close connection between circadian rhythms and metabolic processes in the body. Staying up late disrupts the body’s natural rhythms, adversely affecting metabolism. The liver, a crucial organ for overall metabolism, is particularly vulnerable to these disruptions. Such disturbances in circadian rhythms can potentially lead to metabolic disorders and, in severe cases, metabolic diseases.

“Milk Thistle as a Popular Liver Protection Choice” The liver, responsible for various metabolic functions, is significantly impacted by staying up late. Hence, liver protection has become a popular health concern, leading to the rise of “liver protection pills.” Most of these products in the market contain milk thistle, with silymarin being the active component. Silymarin has been proven to protect the liver by promoting liver cell regeneration, acting as an antioxidant, reducing inflammatory damage, and preventing harmful substances from entering liver cells.

1. Promote the regeneration of liver cells because there is an opportunity for liver cells to regenerate after damage.

2. Act as an antioxidant, playing a role in preventing lipid peroxidation, clearing oxidative metabolites in the body, and preventing free radicals from damaging the liver.

3. Alleviate the inflammatory damage response of liver cells and prevent the fibrosis of liver cells.

4. Prevent certain harmful substances from entering liver cells, and so on.

Based on its liver-protective effects, milk thistle is favored by many brands. The main difference in most milk thistle liver protection products on the market lies in the content of silymarin. However, the effectiveness of milk thistle liver protection varies from person to person, and some people are not suitable for the consumption of milk thistle components.

1. People with a history of milk thistle allergy:

After taking products containing milk thistle, it is easy to cause skin allergies, redness, itching, and more severe cases may lead to allergic shock, endangering life.

2. Patients with stomach cold:

Milk thistle, as a traditional Chinese medicine with a bitter and cold nature, may aggravate the condition of stomach cold in patients. In severe cases, symptoms such as stomach pain and bloating may occur.

3. Women:

Since milk thistle can mimic female hormones, it has a certain impact on the body. Therefore, women should be very careful and cautious when using milk thistle.

So, besides milk thistle, are there any other high-quality liver-protective nutrients? How to choose non-milk thistle liver protection tablets?

With the continuous advancement of technology, there are now safer and more guaranteed new ingredients for the liver—PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) and inositol. PQQ has the effect of rejuvenating liver immune cells, promoting the generation of fresh mitochondria, and assisting liver cells in clearing free radicals. Inositol can accelerate the metabolism of cells in the body, thereby helping to improve fat metabolism and cholesterol, ultimately emulsifying and excreting fat. Most importantly, these two ingredients do not contain any estrogen and have been certified by the U.S. FDA as very safe nutritional ingredients.

What are PQQ and inositol specifically?

1. PQQ:

PQQ is a substance widely present in various foods in nature and is also a necessary nutrient for the human body. It is a coenzyme that can directly act on mitochondria inside cells, stimulate the original function of mitochondria, rejuvenate liver immune cells, promote the healthy generation of mitochondria, thereby enhancing the function of liver cells, and protecting the liver. PQQ has a powerful antioxidant capacity, 5000 times that of vitamin C, so it can effectively eliminate free radicals in liver cells.

In relevant clinical trials, it has been found that oral PQQ is beneficial for reducing transaminases, improving alcoholic fatty liver, and its effect is superior to milk thistle. Moreover, PQQ has obtained an exclusive invention US patent (14/441.571), confirming its improvement effect on alcoholic fatty liver.

2. Inositol:

Inositol is a B-vitamin widely present in both animal and plant tissues. It is abundant in foods such as grains, legumes, nuts, citrus fruits, and can be converted from D-glucose in human tissues such as the liver, muscles, and fat cells.

Research has found that inositol is an essential nutrient for human cell growth and survival. It can generate inositol phosphate, promote the metabolism of fat in the liver, and lower blood lipid levels. Studies have also shown that inositol can prevent fatty liver caused by a high-cholesterol diet. Additionally, inositol has the function of clearing accumulated fat in the liver, demonstrating its efficacy as a vitamin against fatty liver.

ESTHELIV Liver Detox Capsules with PQQ and Inositol with over 20 years of research, contain both PQQ and inositol. This clean, additive-free formula aims to protect the liver without causing additional harm.

PQQ stimulates mitochondrial generation, enhancing liver cell vitality, while inositol emulsifies and eliminates fat. This combination is particularly suitable for night owls and those with fatty liver conditions, reducing fatigue and protecting liver health.


Reinke H, Asher G., Circadian Clock Control of Liver Metabolic Functions. Gastroenterology. 2016; 150(3):574-580.

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