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CISO Global Backs Its Cybersecurity Products Arsenal With A $250,000 Cyber Breach Guaranty ($CISO)

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CISO Global Backs Its Cybersecurity Products Arsenal With A $250,000 Cyber Breach Guaranty ($CISO)

September 25
08:44 2023
CISO Global Backs Its Cybersecurity Products Arsenal With A $250,000 Cyber Breach Guaranty ($CISO)

Many companies stand behind their products. But in most cases, the consumer gets a refund or a replacement item. At CISO Global (NasdaqCM: CISO), they take the meaning of “guaranty” differently. And that’s excellent news for its clients. Why? Because CISO isn’t just claiming to have the best and most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions on the market, they are putting up significant dollars to prove its CHECKLIGHT™ solution is virtually unrivaled. 250,000 of them.

But before running to CISO for its products with hopes of cashing in, consider this- CISO isn’t offering its guarantee on blind faith. Instead, they are relying on the known performance of its suite of cybersecurity solutions, including CHECKLIGHT™, to protect its client’s environment. Plenty of research, IP, and rigorous testing support that high confidence level. And it comes when the threat from bad cyber actors may be at its worst. CISO knows this and built its counter systems to defend not only the individual but also businesses, including large enterprises, SMBs, nonprofits, educational institutions, and religious organizations.

In other words, despite underscoring its cybersecurity solutions’ value by providing its clients an unparalleled $250,000 guarantee, CISO doesn’t appear worried by the potential liability. 

Differences Are Advantages In CISO

That’s a bold stance, considering they intend to get thousands of clients. But it’s made knowing the industry inside out as well as understanding how cybercriminals think. Checking those two boxes enables CISO to integrate product differences that are advantages.

CISO Global’s CHECKLIGHT™ offers plenty, including robust endpoint detection and response, that protect its clients from cyber attacks at the edge. Acquired as part of its acquisition of SB Cyber, CHECKLIGHT™ utilizes AI-empowered continuous scanning to identify unauthorized processes associated with fraudulent phishing attacks, hacking, imposter scams, malware, ransomware, and viruses. Through this active learning, the platform studies new viruses it encounters, developing unique defenses to protect the network and its users using next-generation signature, behavior, and machine learning algorithms. That’s not all.

The CHECKLIGHT™ platform also utilizes kill chain methodology for added protection against zero-day viruses. Those are previously unknown computer viruses or malware for which specific antivirus software signatures are not yet available. Notably, few, if any, competitors can make a similar claim. There’s more to appreciate. Another advantage is that CHECKLIGHT™ integrates seamlessly with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems and requires minimal system resources, with all processing done on a cloud-native architecture. Also unique, its alerts are instantaneous, communicating threats via email, text, and dashboard notifications with the security person or team of an attempted attack. The service doesn’t end there. 

CISO Global does something else others don’t- create a culture of cybersecurity awareness, a top-down approach to cybersecurity that reaches every company layer by providing consultative access to a team of IT security engineers who can address breaches in real time. Given the volume of attacks that target the endpoint, CISO highlights the need for every organization to have a solution like CHECKLIGHT™ as part of their overall cybersecurity strategy. Standing its ground as the leading endpoint detection and response solution on the market enables CISO to confidently offer its service guarantee. While CHECKLIGHT™ is expected to be a significant near-term value driver, it isn’t the only one. 

Argo Security Platform Thwarts 127,000 Breach Attempts

Its Argo Security Platform is another asset expected to drive revenues higher this year. It addresses common challenges that can inhibit effectiveness in cybersecurity, allowing company IT and security teams to manage, track, coordinate, and measure the success of their organization’s security program. As important, it provides visibility across dozens of tools and services combined, empowering decision-makers with the information they need to make more rapid progress in leading their organization’s security program. Emerging from the platform is Argo Edge, part of the customizable Argo Security Management dashboards that layers together multiple cloud security technologies and coordinates them to provide reliable protection for sensitive digital systems and assets hosted in the cloud.

It’s a formidable defense against hackers. In fact, it’s proving to be virtually impenetrable. At the recent DEF CON hacker convention in Las Vegas, many of the best in the hacker world tried to breach the firewall in place from the Argo Edge platform. The result- 127,000 failed attempts and zero successful breaches. That was after many used almost every trick in the hacker handbook to gain access through the front, back, and side door vulnerabilities to infiltrate systems and drop malicious adware, data-stealing malware, or worst-case ransomware.

In no uncertain terms, CISO cybersecurity software was set up as a sitting duck to relentless attacks. Moreover, it wasn’t installed on pricey hardware, giving CISO solutions an edge. Instead, Argo Edge was downloaded into a common Intel NUC (NASDAQ: INTL) computer with a standard operating system. CISO defended against all comers. Impressive, for sure. But here’s the kicker- these computers were connected to the public WiFi in Caesar’s Forum, significantly elevating a hacker’s ability to breach the system. Yes, some did penetrate initial defenses. But beyond that, none were able to complete their sabotage mission.

Argo Edge Stays Smarter Than The Hackers

Know this- CISO isn’t trying to go to war with hackers, especially the ones challenged in Las Vegas. But they want to show that its Argo Edge, which also uses AI to continuously get stronger in learning from prior attacks, is one of the market’s most protective cyber defense shields. Moreover, it gets better with age. In Vegas, its AI-empowered Argo Edge cyber protection platform stayed a step ahead of the world’s brightest hacking minds from its ability to coordinate multiple, layered security solutions that maximize resiliency against attacks. Here’s something else it did. CISO showed that a properly integrated, managed, and deployed set of security solutions isn’t exclusive to million-dollar systems; it can be installed and works equally well on entry-level notebook computers. That matters.

These days, cybercriminals aren’t only targeting large companies, universities, and government agencies. Using ransomware, they also try to attack millions, even billions, of computer users daily. And they are generally successful, resulting in an estimated $10.3 billion lost to cybercrime in the US alone last year. That includes losses from students, small businesses, and global conglomerates. In other words, few, if anyone, are safe without the right protection. The keywords there are “without the right protection.”

Because there is some available. And after defending against unprecedented attacks, CISO Global may have the best available. It’s a subjective measure, sure. However, considering that no other company, including Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), Palo Alto (NASDAQ: PANW), and Check Point Software (NASDAQ: CHKP), set themselves up for failure in a way CISO did at DEF CON, and then emerged victorious, it warrants the premium appraisal.

CISO Is Worthy Of Significantly Higher Share Price

Something else to consider: a fair appraisal after summing CISO’s parts supports a share price well north of its current $0.16. In fact, CISO may be one of the most undervalued tech stocks in the market. Tangibles alone justify the bullish calculus. And CISO doesn’t need to make that case. Others are doing it for them. In August, CISO published an independent appraisal of Argo Edge, which valued that asset at $49 million- roughly $21 million higher than its current market cap. Others also make a case justifying a significantly higher share price.

CISO stock captured a bullish eye from an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald. His December report modeled for CISO shares to reach $5.00 by year’s end. His basis includes growing revenues, a significant target market opportunity, and an asset arsenal that has gotten appreciably stronger after completing 16 acquisitions since its inception. Those properties do what they should: support the bullish thesis by generating revenues. CISO Global’s are anything but penny-stock representations. 

Unlike most other $0.16 stocks, CISO is on a revenue run rate expected to reach upwards of $55 million in its new fiscal year. That bullish forecast is supported by Q2 revenues scoring $15.52 million, an over 13% increase from the $13.7 posted in Q1/2023. Considering the market opportunity involves clients trying to not be part of the fallout from an estimated $6 trillion global cybercrime problem, more likely than not, the path of least resistance for CISO revenues and shares going forward is higher. That expected outcome makes sense.

After all, going 127,000 and 0 against some of the brightest hacker minds is a solid record to stand on. Quite worthy, in fact, of making the cybersecurity providers’ all-star team. In fact, if there were such a thing, based on its growing revenues and stellar product portfolio, CISO Global would likely be a first-round pick. And deservedly so.



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