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One of 2023’s must read nonfiction autobiography is ‘Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’ by author Gioacchina Infantino

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One of 2023’s must read nonfiction autobiography is ‘Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’ by author Gioacchina Infantino

May 25
16:45 2023

On March 11, 2023, author Gioacchina (Gia) Infantino proudly announced the release of her nonfiction autobiography called ‘Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.Her future books will be styled as a flash collective series and true life stories. Her next book ‘Spiritual Eyes’ is due to be released soon.

Book cover of ‘Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’

These heartfelt stories provide a glimpse into the most powerful and profound moments of the author’s life, when she finally used her inner strength to peel off her “Invisible Mask” and emerge into her amazing, authentic self. Author Gia strives eagerly in pursuing her creative talents in writing and music.

Author Gia is the one half of a pair of fraternal twins, born and raised in Mineola, Long Island and now living in Queens. The author is from a strict traditional Italian family of Sicilian descent. She lost her beloved twin 12 years ago and hence decided to dedicate all her future books to her twin, Anthony. He had always provided support and repeated compliments for Gia’s strengths and talents. “I am who I am today, because of him”, Gia said with heartfelt gratitude.

Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’ displays 28 photos showing the author’s life events with her beloved twin, from birth to adulthood, and along with her beloved parents and siblings. The book discusses her nursing career, her singing career, along with photos of the three CDs she recorded in dedication to her parents and her twin.

Gia excitedly revealed the realization of a long-term dream, saying “miracles do happen when you drop your mask”. The author had unexpectedly strolled into a cafe in her neighborhood, where she met her destined vocal teacher for the very first time – musician and producer Eric Celerio. “That’s when my life truly started,” stated Gia.

Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’ delves into the psychology of “Emotional Masking” and articulates why many people hide who they really are, how painful it is, and how to break loose from inside this deep, dark hole. The author instructs her readers step by step on how to de-mask oneself and enjoy the multiple, freeing benefits. In a world where social media often distorts the reality of people’s actual lives, this insightful book will be helpful and meaningful.

Gia’s goal is to empower her readers to slowly make an attempt to drop their mask, to stop the people-pleasing, to put themselves first, gain confidence and self-worth and become the person they were destined to be. After she did this, she felt that it was hard work but well worth it. She then made it her life’s work to share her stories in order to encourage readers to learn from her life experiences. “In life, there is nothing better than becoming the real ‘U’”, she stated.

Fans of short nonfiction and memoirs will appreciate the candor, self-awareness and genuine reflections in ‘Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’. The book was released to standout reviews, and was described as an amazing and inspiring read by many.

Why. Can’t. You. Be. U.’ is available on Amazon, including Amazon Canada, and Barnes & Noble. The author is certain her book will encourage many readers to drop their mask, put their best foot forward and become their real ‘U’. Fans will be delighted to know that her second book ‘Spiritual Eyes’ will be coming out soon.

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