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Breed Science Launches Groundbreaking Dog Weight Care Program, Lean Machine

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Breed Science Launches Groundbreaking Dog Weight Care Program, Lean Machine

May 08
19:39 2023
Helping dogs enjoy their meals while managing their weight with fresh dog food formulated for calorie restriction

Breed Science is introducing a groundbreaking new weight loss program for dogs called Lean Machine. This innovative program features sous-vide cooked fresh dog food formulated for calorie restriction. Lean Machine includes digital tools designed to help dog parents easily manage their dog’s weight loss like Jenny Craig for dogs.

“Dog obesity is an epidemic in veterinary medicine. Over 60% of dogs in The U.S. are overweight, and those dogs don’t live as long. It’s the biggest problem in dog nutrition, and Breed Science is tackling it head on,” shares Dr. Christian Cumberbatch, DVM.

The problem with traditional prescription weight loss kibbles today is that dogs don’t like the taste. Not to mention they don’t get filled up. Breed Science believes that fresh dog food for weight loss is a great alternative. It is more effective because it offers a delicious taste that dogs love, while also filling them up. This means that parents are more likely to stick to the program and achieve their weight loss goals because they see how happy and satisfied their pups are.

One of the key features that make Lean Machine stand out is the use of advanced portioning, forecasting and dynamic support software, including an activity tracking wearable. This software helps veterinarians and pet owners track their dog’s weight loss progress and identify any potential health issues that may arise. This data can then be used to adjust the dog’s diet and exercise regimen, ensuring that they continue to make steady progress towards their weight loss goals. When a dog loses weight too fast or not enough, the program automatically adjusts portioning.

Additionally, Lean Machine provides dog parents with access to nutrition experts who can offer advice and support throughout the weight loss journey. These experts can help pet owners understand how to create a balanced diet that is both healthy and delicious for their dog.

Overall, Lean Machine by Breed Science is an innovative and highly effective weight loss program for dogs. By combining advanced medical record software, fresh food, and personalized support, it offers a comprehensive solution to help dog parents manage their pet’s weight and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

For more information about Breed Science and Lean Machine, visit their website at

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Breed Science is a company that seeks to help dogs live longer by making weight management personalized and easy.

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