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Lip Filler Do’s and Don’ts Illustrated By Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa in Santa Barbara

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Lip Filler Do’s and Don’ts Illustrated By Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa in Santa Barbara

October 28
09:06 2022
Lip Filler Do’s and Don’ts Illustrated By Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa in Santa Barbara
SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is one of the top medical spas in Santa Barbara offering a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and aesthetic med spa services to its patients.
Dr. Sheffield draws on his extensive background in invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive esthetic procedures to discuss important factors related to Lip Fillers that Potential Patients should be aware of before deciding to have injections.

Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara plastic surgeon Dr. Robert W. Sheffield discusses the pros and cons of lip fillers. SB Aesthetics Medical Spa in Santa Barbara is where Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, an MD, has been helping his patients with both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic operations. In addition to his extensive list of cosmetic procedures, which includes Laser Treatments, Rhinoplasty, Chin Enhancement, Botox in Santa Barbara and more, he also provides top-notch, non-surgical Lip Augmentation or Enhancement options. He sheds light on certain fundamentals of Lip Fillers that everyone should know before getting injections into the lips.

Dr. Sheffield says that the idea that lip augmentation or enhancement is the sole way to get fuller, larger lips is only partially true. Nonetheless, there is a camp of believers. They utilize Lip Filler Santa Barbara to fix downturned lips and uneven features, so cutting through the veil of ignorance. In addition to removing lipstick lines, this cosmetic technique also helps decrease vertical wrinkles that form from the rims of lips, so he says it’s hard to beat the value of non-invasive Lip Augmentation.

He reassured me that the lip fillers in Santa Barbara he uses, including Juvederm, Voluma, and Rasiesse, are completely safe, saying, “Fillers like these are quite safe and authorized by the FDA.” However, if you notice a problem after getting lip injections, it’s ideal to talk to your doctor about it so he can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield Discusses How Lip Fillers Depend on the Experience and Ability of the Provider

He went on to say “Although the fillers are safe to inject into the necessary areas of one’s lips, the abilities and knowledge of the practitioner executing the procedure are just as important. Patients’ lips will swell when a session is over.”  However, this swelling gradually diminishes on its own over time. He further added “It is common for lips to remain puffy for at least a day after obtaining lip fillers.”

Still, he stresses the need of patients asking detailed questions of their doctors and surgeons before undergoing Lip Augmentation. He insists that before getting fillers, one must think about the practitioner’s credentials, the fillers’ components, and the risks and side effects. In addition, before beginning the procedure with a client, the practitioner must ensure that the client is completely free of any and all obstacles. Also, careful consideration must be taken into account including the type of injectable and whether or not a filler is need or best Botox Santa Barbara might be the correct cosmetic product for the area.

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