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How Does The Assisted Manipulator Perform Its Movement?

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How Does The Assisted Manipulator Perform Its Movement?

November 29
20:13 2021

Robotic manipulators can reduce labor intensity, improve product quality, improve labor conditions and avoid personal accidents. In high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, noise, and radioactive and toxic pollution in the harsh environment, the application of the robot can partially or completely replace the human to safely complete the work, rhythmic production, etc.. In general, the robot has a broad application prospect. So, how is the movement of the manipulator?

Straight shift type: This type of movement of the robot arm only has three right-angled coordinates for linear movement of the degree of activity, that is, the arm only for elastic lift and translation and other movements, the graph of its scale of movement can be a straight line a rectangular plane or a rectangular body. This type of robot layout is simple, intuitive movement, easy to complete a certain accuracy requirements, but the space it occupies is large corresponding work scale is small.

Flexion and extension type: This form of manipulator arm has two parts, large arm and small arm, in addition to the large arm with horizontal reversal and pitch mobility, small arm relative to the large arm and a pitch movement. From the morphological point of view, the small arm relative to the large arm for flexion and extension movement, according to this feature is called flexion and extension type, its movement scale graphics for the sphere.

Pitching type: This type of movement of the assisted robot arm in addition to the horizontal reversal of this activity, but also has the arm pitching this activity, these two degrees of activity and arm elastic activity constitutes a complete pitching type robot, its movement scale graphics for a hollow sphere characteristic movement for pitching, for convenience called pitching type, usually only with the arm pitching and no arm reversal activity of the assisted manipulator is called pitch type.

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