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Doki Doki Inc. Launches Audio Metaverse Platform with Sound NFT Assets

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Doki Doki Inc. Launches Audio Metaverse Platform with Sound NFT Assets

August 27
19:23 2021
Doki Doki Inc. is launching a platform where participants can interact with sound NFT assets

SAN FRANCISCO – August 27, 2021 – Doki Doki has announced the launch of their Audio Metaverse platform, where users can interact in an augmented reality environment built on sound. The implementation of spatial audio in the Audio Metaverse allows users to feel like they’re actually occupying the same space together. Participants only need earbuds to enjoy the experience.

Conventional social media has become a place where a handful of influencers monopolize the conversation. Social audio apps have also started to replicate this dynamic. Doki Doki is on a mission to alleviate the loneliness caused by traditional social media apps with their inclusive platform that also offers an immersive experience. With the Audio Metaverse, Doki Doki has given people a safe virtual space to gather with others.

“With Audio Metaverse, the entire world will be mapped out and divided into cubes that you can own, buy and sell,” says Doki Doki CEO Takahito Iguchi. “This way, even when we’re apart, we can still get the experience of being together in the same space.”

Building on the Spatial Audio Technology developed by Apple for Airpods Pro, Doki Doki Inc. has integrated the physical world into the virtual world through sound. For this reason, even remote users can hear what is happening in the audio space and interact with people at the actual location.

The owner of each cube can play music, sing, and host discussions. Anyone who enters that physical space will hear what’s going on. Each space will also have a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT), to ensure that each asset is unique and can be verified as authentic.

The Audio Metaverse replicates physical spaces through their atmospheric sounds. This way, online users can still interact with others in an environment that closely resembles being together. Users’ voices reflect their position in a three-dimensional grid, giving interactions an enhanced sense of realism. This perfectly replicates the feeling of occupying a physical space together.

This augmented audio reality environment gives artists and creators a new place to create, and a new medium to express themselves in. By having a space where the mode of expression is the content itself, the space becomes a piece of art. As this concept gets more popular, the spaces will also increase in value.

With Doki Doki’s new platform, users can interact with each other in an immersive environment even when they’re physically apart. By helping users feel like they’re occupying the same physical space, the Audio Metaverse is helping people be alone together.

About Doki Doki Inc.

With offices in San Francisco and Kyoto, Doki Doki has been developing voice-based social platforms since. 2016. In 2017, Doki Doki released the apps Baby and Ball, which were both early voice social networks. The next app they released in the U.S. is Dabel, a social audio app. On this platform, over 80,000 users have connected with other users they just met in live conversations. The team also has a strong focus on app accessibility, making sure users with visual impairments can enjoy the platform as well.

Doki Doki was founded by Takahito Iguchi, who has been a leader in the XR (Cross Reality) field. He developed the augmented reality app Sekai Camera and, later in 2013, the Telepathy wearable device. In 2019, Iguchi led Doki Doki in creating Dabel, before shifting the team to focus on the Audio Metaverse.




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