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Author Gina Vallance Announces New Book “Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors” Teaching Young Girls Self-Acceptance

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Author Gina Vallance Announces New Book “Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors” Teaching Young Girls Self-Acceptance

August 13
23:52 2021
Gina combines her teaching and personal experience with a BA in English to create a compelling and adventurous story about a fairy that achieves great things despite her disability

Los Angeles, CA – Teacher and author Gina Vallance announces her book “Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors.” The book is for girls ages 8-12 years and tells an inspiring and adventurous story that teaches self-acceptance, personal empowerment, persistence, and overcoming adversity.

Amberly, a fairy, lives in Whimsical Land. Unlike her fellow fairies, Amberly can’t fly because of undersized and paralyzed wings. Instead, she has to run and move around with the aid of a stick, thereby slowing her movement and reducing her chances of getting the training she needs to become the fairy she is meant to be.

Despite her disability, Amberly is determined. After reading a book, Secret of the Fairy Warriors, she gets a hint on her father’s whereabouts, and along with her friends, she sets out on a quest to find and rescue him before it’s too late. 

“My character, Amberly, was inspired by my experience with Meniere’s Disease, an inner ear disorder that causes dizziness, loss of balance, hearing loss, and anxiety. Unfortunately, I suffered from Menieres starting at a very young age. It wasn’t until I was an adult when my doctor finally found a treatment that stopped the horrible dizzy spells,” said Gina Vallance, Author of Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors. “Even though I felt behind in life, I decided to stay focused on my dream of becoming a writer, which ultimately helped me gain confidence and a sense of self. This book reflects my struggle in life and helps to teach kids going through similar challenges that there is hope for them.”

Many children and teenagers today are going through emotional challenges because of their physical disabilities. Such a thing can hinder them from discovering their potentials. This book will help inspire these kids in a fun and engaging way. They can easily relate with the character and follow her journey to success, which will boost their morale.

Children who don’t have any disabilities will also find the book entertaining and rewarding. They will learn that accepting school or classmates with disabilities is the best way to live and encourage them to be better. The impressive literary work also makes it an excellent book for young readers to improve their reading, writing, spelling, and language skills.

Gina, the author, has an AA degree in child development and a BA in English, with experience as a preschool teacher and an art activity facilitator. She combines all these qualities with her experience dealing with a disability for decades to write a compelling story with powerful plot that young readers will like and enjoy.

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About Gina Vallance

Gina Vallance is an author, teacher, and social worker who survived disability as a child. She uses her creative abilities and talent to tell stories that inspire young readers to attain self-acceptance, personal empowerment, and persistence.

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