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Retiree at 23: The story of entrepreneur Cheyne Kupfer

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Retiree at 23: The story of entrepreneur Cheyne Kupfer

August 12
15:54 2021
Cheyne Kupfer, a young entrepreneur who came from humble beginnings, seeks to educate the masses on achieving financial freedom.

Queensland, AU – At seven years old, Cheyne Kupfer turned a profit by selling items from eBay. Now, Kupfer has diversified his business across sales, trading, and eCommerce. The young entrepreneur came from humble beginnings. Despite not fitting in at school and coming from a broken home, his mindset of ‘If it’s going to be, it up to me’ allowed Kupfer to leave work at 22 and achieve success outside of the regular nine-to-five.

Kupfer has been interested in business since an early age. After selling items at seven and leaving school in grade ten, Kupfer focused on his golden rule of sales – ‘repeat, repeat, repeat.’ Next, Kupfer focused on developing numerous side-hustles and trading in cryptocurrency. Now, he has diversified and is focused on various business ventures, namely trading, sales and eCommerce. Kupfer says that focusing on these three industries means that when one of them takes off, he “doesn’t need to show up to work for a month, or even years.” Kupfer believes his income can be ‘limitless’ by diversifying his portfolio and focusing on these three industries. 

While others may fear failure, Kupfer instead uses his failures as motivation and recognizes that failure is key to success. On his trading experience, Kupfer says trading has taught him “…all you need to succeed is to double your failure rate.” Kupfer believes that, while he may not be the best at everything, his mindset and work ethic allowed him to reach his potential. Kupfer says a positive mindset is his main priority and achieves this through visualizing his future, meditating, and listening to motivational speeches. 

Kupfer is a successful businessman who has used his success to help others and is happy to work with anyone from any walk of life. His achievements include supplying equipment to a local MMA gym struggling to stay open and donating AUS$100,00 towards helping the homeless. Now, Kupfer is turning his attention to start-up projects, including those that seek to help those in developing countries find work.

Cheyne Kupfer has worked hard to create a life of financial freedom. When asked about his advice for others, Kupfer says, “who cares what everyone thinks? Just think about what you want to do and go and do it.” This is the valuable advice that Kupfer has lived by, and – despite the name of his YouTube, Retiree at 23 – Kupfer has no intentions of slowing down. Now, Kupfer seeks to help others achieve the same financial freedom he has.

About Cheyne Kupfer

Cheyne Kupfer aspires to be a man known for helping as many people as possible. A seemingly unstoppable young entrepreneur, Kupfer has turned his childhood in a broken home into a multifaceted, diversified business portfolio spanning a range of industries. Now, Kupfer lives life on his own terms and is focusing on helping others do the same.

For more information on Cheyne Kupfer and his journey, visit his Instagram at @cheynekupfer.

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