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A New Creative Video Project Aims To Create A Safer World For Stray Cats In The US

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A New Creative Video Project Aims To Create A Safer World For Stray Cats In The US

August 11
23:39 2021
Leading technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja and the team create PAW, an exciting video game aimed at creating a safer world for stray cats.

Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja, the brains behind a string of creative social cause projects, have come together yet again with a mission to help stray cats. PAW (Players for Animal Welfare) is a video game where people can become stray cats themselves and help get them in a real animal shelter.

“We discovered through our research that there are around 70 million stray cats in the US,” says a member of the PAW project team. “The video not only aims to dispel common misinformation about stray cats but also helps people who care for them find a safe place for these cats. Through this open video game, we hope to achieve our goal of providing these felines a shelter where they will get the care and security they need.”

According to the team, most people know they can easily adopt stray cats. However, as there is a lot of misinformation floating around about the subject, people are a bit hesitant to help these stray cats.

According to team member Sukratti Jain, they thought about various things that will make people empathize with cats. They finally decided to create a unique video game.

PAW is a video game where people turn into stray cats themselves. It is an open-world game where the participants can have various missions which revolve around the daily lives of stray cats. This can include scrounging for food, dealing with harsh weather, and so on.

The video adds more players to the game by using the ability of stray cats to become social and friendly.

The cat that people play will end up being found by an animal shelter as part of the game’s script. This shelter will also be real and is a part of the city they play in.

PAW has been designed as an exciting video game that’s interesting and fun to play. However, the message it gives out is an important one and that is to create a safer and secure world for stray cats.

The team members involved in developing this creative video game included creative technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja, and art director Shadab Wajih.

PAW is the proud recipient of the following awards:

  • Graphite Pencil – D&AD New Blood Awards 2021

  • Bronze Cube – ADC Young ones 2021

  • Nomination – The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2021

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