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Filling Shift Gaps in the Manufacturing and Printing Industries is now Easy and Simple

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Filling Shift Gaps in the Manufacturing and Printing Industries is now Easy and Simple

April 27
21:17 2021

The current state of the job market is very unstable in the United States.  Some states, given the fact that Covid-19 numbers are high, are still under severe restrictions, while other states are completely open for businesses.  That is the simple truth.  There is a common problem, however, that most manufacturing and printing companies are experiencing because of government unemployment extensions and Covid-19 quarantines.  Not all states have the government expanded extensions, but many qualified manufacturing and printing personnel are receiving these benefits.  Quarantines can occur at any time. This leaves a rather sparse pool of qualified staff for manufacturing and printing companies.

Many qualified personnel do not want the unemployment benefits, as they must reapply continually, and update weekly through government websites.  This alone can be a nightmare as some states are slow to deliver the benefits, or make it difficult to qualify.  Great personnel do exist that would prefer to work, as the government benefits also have time restrictions.  Workers are seeking either fulltime or part-time gigs instead, rather than relying on sporadic payouts from the government.

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Upshift is a company that speaks to this dilemma with a new approach to filling shift gaps and providing work to qualified personnel.  Rather than the usual job listing sites where many go to simply fulfill the job search requirements that must be done to keep receiving government benefits, the Upshift platform completely researches potential workers through a thorough process which makes the pool of workers those that are genuinely interested in finding either fulltime or part-time work in manufacturing and printing.

Manufacturers and printers can spend an enormous amount of time trying to find qualified personnel now but Upshift does enjoy an approximately 96% success rate, with less than 1.7% being “no call no show” after hiring personnel. The vetting and qualification requirements have led to this success rate.  Qualified personnel that is easier to find and much more responsible, is the norm on Upshift.  The fees are lower than traditional staffing companies, and many large companies are satisfied with the personnel that Upshift provides.  There is a dedicated Account Manager for each company, and this helps immensely.

Upshift also follows the employment trends of each state they service and does list locations in which the service can be used successfully.  Respective states are listed, and right now, the Upshift services are available to manufacturing and printing manufacturers in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Each state will need a different amount of each type of shift worker, with some needing more manufacturing, and some needing more printing.  Nonetheless the service is well received and eliminates the headache of finding responsible staff for fulfilling shift gaps.

About Upshift

Upshift provides an online platform where manufacturing and printing businesses can obtain vetted employees either full-time or part-time to fill shift gaps that have been created because of Covid-19, and/or government laws.  The vetting process is very stringent and the “no call no show”s almost eliminated.  The platform will see continued success into the future beyond the pandemic, as it provides quality personnel to manufacturers and printers.  Bringing quality personnel together with quality employers is the mission of Upshift. 

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