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How to improve the cooling strength of pipe fitting moulds

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How to improve the cooling strength of pipe fitting moulds

April 02
17:14 2021

Pipe fitting mould, including the first mould and the second mould. The first die body is embedded with a first insert, the first insert is provided with a first groove, the first groove is communicated with the groove on the first die body. The second die body is embedded with a second insert block, the second insert block is provided with a second groove. The second groove is communicated with a groove on the second module. The second die body can be disassembled and installed on the first die body, and the first die body, the second die body, the first insert and the second insert are together enclosed into the pipe fitting cavity. The first and second inserts are made of beryllium copper. The invention can effectively improve the cooling rate at the complex part of the pipe fitting product structure, and is conducive to improving the strength of the product and preventing the occurrence of mold stripping.

pipe fitting mold 

Plastic pipe fitting is a kind of industrial part commonly used. In order to produce, it is often necessary to set the parts of pipe fittings as complex special-shaped structures. For example, the intake pipe and the outlet pipe of the automobile are generally designed with a corrugated structure. The corrugated structure can play the role of noise reduction and noise elimination and smooth airflow at work, and it can also be easy to install.

Plastic pipe fittings with special-shaped structures generally adopt the method of blow molding as a whole, blow molding products by cylindrical blank according to the mold cavity blow molding. The parts corresponding to the irregular structure of the pipe fitting on the die have corresponding structures. Due to the large surface area of the structure, in the process of blowing, the heating surface at the place is larger, the temperature is higher, and the place is located in the middle of the mold, not easy to be cooled. The low cooling strength often leads to the low strength of the pipe fitting at the abnormal structure, which leads to the poor quality of the pipe fitting.

In addition, due to the fitting of the special-shaped structure of the complex shape, the process of stripping, resistance is very big, if cooling is not good, easy to produce grilled or molding deformation, often leading to production efficiency lower and even discarded, relying too much on in the process of actual production release agent, and the use of release agent on the one hand, will result in an increase in the cost of production, on the other hand, harmful to operator health.

How to improve the cooling strength of the die corresponding to the irregular pipe structure is one of the most important problems to be solved by the technicians in this field.

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