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The “Alika Hope and Change” podcast based on joy, hope, and self-efficacy aims to inspire people for a better life

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The “Alika Hope and Change” podcast based on joy, hope, and self-efficacy aims to inspire people for a better life

February 25
18:54 2021

For everyone looking for a source of positivity and self-improvement, the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast is the right place. Based on themes of joy, hope, and self-efficacy, the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast, a production of The Ray of Hope Project, encourages embracing change as a vehicle of growth. With insightful and uplifting topics, the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast is rapidly paving its way to the top in people’s go-to podcast list.

Hosted by a cheerful sister-brother duo, Alika Hope and Emille Bryant (The “Change”), the premiere episode of the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast went live on July 30, 2020. The first episode was in honor of International Day of Friendship, where the hosts discussed the traits of a good friend. The “Alika Hope and Change” podcast created a buzz among the listeners right from the release of the first episode and left them wanting for more.  

A review by NY.h says about the “Alika and Change Podcast”, “Great sister & brother duo! Wonderful perspectives and uplifting topics. I feel like they are having the same conversations that my brother and I would have.”

The hosts, Alika and Emille, are particular about the topics they pick for each episode. They make sure that each episode is uplifting and the listeners have something positive to think about by the end of each episode. The episode released on September 17, 2020, is titled “The Hope in Failure”, where the hosts encourage their listeners to challenge the belief that failure is bad. Instead, they ask the listeners to consider the HOPE in failure. 

Alika and Emille also invite various guests who share their knowledge and experiences with the listeners and help them get a better perspective of different situations. In episode seven, the hosts invite Cate Vallone, the owner and founder of Evolution Pilates, who discusses fascia and its impact on change.

Each episode of the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast is fun and lively. The hosts leave no stone unturned in making the podcast interesting and entertaining at the same time. Written by Alika Hope, Lawrence V. White, and Doug Wilson III, the theme song of the podcast is very catchy. The podcast is engineered by Jaeme Brennan McDonald.

For all those who plan on listening to just one podcast their entire life, make sure it is this one!

Listen to the “Alika Hope and Change” podcast now through this link.

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