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Dmall focuses on digital transformation and upgrading of the retail company with continuous optimization of retail alliance cloud services in five years

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Dmall focuses on digital transformation and upgrading of the retail company with continuous optimization of retail alliance cloud services in five years

February 25
23:27 2021

Retail alliance cloud services researched by Dmall achieve the coordination of production, supply, and distribution. They work on both sides of supply and demand and aim to assist business and to service customers, finally to promote the retail market running smoothly by digitization.

Zhang wenzhong, the chairman of Dmall and founder of Wumart Group, said that the logistics system in China still exists blocking points. It could help economic development better by dredging those points. And modern logistics system requires building a huge scale of the system, which takes high technology as the foundation and digitalization as the bottom layer. Agricultural products could be delivered directly to customers’ dinner tables from the field through a high-efficient and safe system.  

Dmall, as an omni-channel retail digital platform, provides a new transformation model that facilitates the digital transformation of the real economy. The model could realize inclusive development to reuse original stores, supply chain, commodity, and supplier effectively, especially in existed customers and employers. This way could avoid wasting resources, and guaranteeing jobs, people’s livelihood, market players, and industry chain as well as supply chain stability, even further stimulating employment during digital transformation.

The size of the single retail enterprises is still small. It is difficult to transform digitalization by themselves. Dmall could provide a platform to form a union that helps small- and medium-sized enterprises enjoy benefits from digitalization. 

For the digitalized real economy, Zhang wenzhong pointed out that first, the digitization of the real economy is unstoppable. The essence of Internet2.0 is deconstruction and reconstruction. The merge of the real economy and new technology is just ascendant and has a bright future. It may continue 50 years even longer. So right method is key significant. Second, the digital transformation of the real economy is a tough process. It is fundamentally a conceptual transformation, and this process will be very long. The initial results could be achieved in five years; the great achievement would be finished after ten years.

About Dmall:

Founded in 2015, Dmall is an Omni-channel Retail Digital Platform to achieving retailers’ comprehensive digital transformation and providing them with joint cloud services based on Dmall OS and MiniOS systems. With 15 major systems and 800 sub-systems, Dmall OS is developed to offer complete digital solutions that could digitally upgrade all aspects of retail industry chains; MiniOS is custom-built for convenience stores. With integrated retail and cloud-optimized store-to-home Omni-channel service, Dmall contributes to high efficiency for enterprises and a better experience for consumers.

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