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The Stretch Boss, Tina Rivera Introduces Stretch Therapy to Help People Treat Soreness, Inflammation, Edema and Body Pain

Tina Rivera: The Stretch Boss Tina Rivera, a renowned recovery specialist yet professional stretch therapist that is widely known for helping people treat body pain and soreness, announces the introduction

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Chrome The Series is Blowing up the Internet, Garnering Praise and Raves from Viewers

Amazon Prime’s Chrome The Series is blowing up on the internet with fans and critics. Viewers of the new mini-series pilot for Chrome The Series and are giving thumbs up

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Charles Moore Author & Contemporary Art Expert’s New Book “The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting” Available for Pre-Sale

“Before you begin collecting art, I recommend collecting books–about art, and learn to develop your taste,” commented Moore. “I think ‘The Black Market’ would be a good addition to your

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Ikebana Zen: A Restaurant That Opened During the Pandemic, Now A New York City Wonderment

The restaurant business is always booming in New York City. But the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted quite a few things this year, including the usual hustle and bustle of the

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Author Vonetta Wade Launches New Book “Proceed Through the Uncomfortable: 52 Mindful Journal Reminders to Inspire You on Your Journey”

“Proceed Through the Uncomfortable: 52 Mindful Journal Reminders to Inspire You on Your Journey” now available on Amazon. Proceed through

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Ceramics Containing Korea, the new Wind of the Korean Wave HELLOASSI

Video Link: HELLOASSI is a ceramics maker who plans and produces products that combine Korean traditional culture and ceramics.

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EQ Tech Plus Finishes Developing Next-Gen Core Unit for Oxide Film, Expected to be Commercialized Soon

Video Link: EQ Tech Plus, a research company specializing in manufacturing technology for semiconductors, is a startup company founded

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Needle Puncture Accident and Secondary Infection Prevention

Neotop, a leader in K-defense Video Link:   Due to the current COVID-19, the reputation of ‘K Defense’ is

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KEUMCHEONG PHARM launches the world’s first cosmetics with EGF FGF ingredients extracted from rice

Video Link: Keumcheong Pharm was founded in 2001 as a medical company that distributes pharmaceutical products in South Korea.

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isoSpine earned 220,000 USD in sales at Kickstarter in the U.S.

isoSpine Video Link: isoNeck Video Link: isoSpine is a product that stimulates the core muscles of the spine

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September 2020