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Visitor Chat Customer Engagement System Reduces Queues and Increases Sales

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Visitor Chat Customer Engagement System Reduces Queues and Increases Sales

October 28
09:03 2022
Already in its 8th year of operation, Visitor Chat’s main objective is to provide a powerful and flexible software solution with scalability to satisfy the needs of any business. Visitor Chat handles these needs through multiple services that provide 24/7 support by industry-trained chat operators. By keeping up with the needs of dealerships and various customer concerns, the system improves performance across all customer touchpoints.

With live chat services that adapt to the changing needs of dealerships, Visitor Chat offers various levels of engagement for customers to reach departments and teams 24/7. Visitor Chat’s live chat software supports businesses through a network of sub-systems and a robust infrastructure. 

For example, their APIs decrease wait times through a routing program that connects customers with the most appropriate department. As the world becomes more automated, consumers expect service at any time of the day. Companies like Visitor Chat make it possible to engage and retain customers effectively.

A 2019 report by Cox Automotive, a global automotive enterprise, found a decreasing trend in prospective car buyers among dealerships. It was quoted that about 41% of car buyers only visited one dealership, representing an increase of 11 percentage points from two years ago. This is among many trends that are moving customers away from the traditional car purchasing process. 

The advent of social media platforms and digital marketing has given customers easy access to information, easing decision-making through online sales and promotional events. Dealerships that lack access to virtual systems are at a disadvantage, given today’s digital marketing strategies that encourage buyers to commit online. This is where Visitor Chat offers dealerships and businesses the option of leveraging a modern approach.

Within an organised and interconnected software solution, Visitor Chat offers its clients versatility and flexibility. At the highest level of service, the fully-managed package provides businesses with 24/7 digital management services that come with a customisable user interface design, SMS/Whatsapp/Facebook Marketplace functionality, and a number of other solutions to boost and track KPIs. 

Alternatively, services can be scaled down. Visitor Chat offers jointly managed or self-managed packages for dealerships requiring less management support by Visitor Chat. With the current operating model, the platform manages 1,000,000 chats and 5,000 active accounts. 

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As powerful as virtual resources are, the human touch is vital in the automotive retail industry. Visitor Chat software solutions solve this with a team of industry-trained automotive chat operators able to provide expert support and sales advice. Even outside of business hours, prospective buyers can easily connect and will have a customer service agent on the other end of the line to swiftly answer and direct questions. This level of customer service is the reason for its 4.8/5 star rating and over 1,500 reviews from satisfied clients.

As the automotive industry transitions from brick-and-mortar to online, restrictive commercial factors, such as limited business opening hours, will be a thing of the past. Employing solutions like live chat will ensure a positive customer experience at critical touchpoints and permit the use of effective retention strategies. Visitor Chat is paving the way for the future of automotive retail, and dealerships can leverage both the technology and its customer-friendly platform to effectively extend their reach into existing and new markets.

About the Company: 

Visitor Chat and its team of live chat support specialists are dedicated to helping automotive businesses and dealerships reach their highest potential and enhance customer relationships. Offering various levels of service, the company creates opportunities for its clients to enhance services and reach customers. This company of go-getters has only just started to showcase the potential of scalable live chat services and will continue to grow in the automotive industry.

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