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What is entry-level SMT assembly line? Stencil printer, SMT machine, reflow oven.

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What is entry-level SMT assembly line? Stencil printer, SMT machine, reflow oven.

October 08
19:50 2021

NeoDen provide one-stop SMT assembly line.

What is Entry-level SMT Assembly Line? Stencil printer, SMT machine, reflow oven.


NeoDen FP2636 is a manual stencil printer that is easy to Neodene for beginners.

1. T screw rod regulating handle,ensure adjustment accuracy and levelness of PCB fixed plane, minimum lead pitch achieved 1mm.

2. Rulers of stencil fixed frame for reference lines, ensure the levelness between stencil and PCB.

3. Straight damping shaft, ensure the stencil fixed frame can be fastened at random angles, to improve convenience while operating.

4. L supports and pins to fix PCB, applicable for multiple types PCBs’fixation and printing, more flexible and convenient.

5. The mechanical fixation frame for quick installation and replacement of frameless stencils, ensure high-efficiency but low-cost.

6. Support for single sided as well as double sided PCB.

People can have it for under $700!

SMT machine NeoDen4

The fourth-generation model NeoDen4 is NeoDen Tech’s independent product, with completely independent intellectual property. Its high precision vision system made it stand out in desktop pick and place machine area.

Vision system pick and place machine NeoDen4, with high speed and accuracy, compact in body, low power, stable quality and easy operation. It adopts Neoden newly developed feeding system which can help to replace the tape easily and install smoothly, together with its vision system and rails feeding system, committed to create the great value for customers in actual PCB production.

Product name NeoDen4 pick and place machine

Machine Style Single Gantry with 4 Heads

Placement Rate 4000CPH

External Dimension L 680*W 870*H 460mm

Max applicable PCB 290mm*1200mm

Feeders 48pcs

Average working power


Component Range Smallest Size: 0201

Biggest Size: TQFP240

Max Height: 5mm

Reflow Oven NeoDen IN6

IN6 reflow oven is a newly designed, environmentally friendly reflow oven with stable performance. It can achieve full hot-air convection, excellent soldering performance. It has 6 temperature zone, light and compact. Intelligent temperature control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, temperature can be stable within ±0.2°C. It adopts Japan NSK hot air motor bearing and Swiss imported heating wire, which is durable and stable. CE approved, provide authoritative quality assurance.

Product name NeoDen IN6 Reflow Oven

Power requirement 110/220VAC 1-phase

Conveyor speed 5 – 30 cm/min (2 – 12 inch/min)

Standard Max Height 30mm

Soldering width 260 mm (10 inch)

Length process chamber

680 mm (26.8 inch)

Heat-up time approx. 25 min

Dimensions 1020*507*350mm(L*W*H)

N.W./G.W. 49Kg/64Kg

This SMT assembly line is suitable for small batch production, the equipment is small and environmentally friendly, people can keep them in the office or at home! If people are an entry-level player, consider this simple assembly line.

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