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New Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Invented By Dr. Waseem Awwad

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New Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Invented By Dr. Waseem Awwad

April 03
01:01 2021

Have you ever sit in front of your screen or with your mobile device staring into the distance trying to remember your password? If that rings a bell, then you are not in it alone.

In tоdау’ѕ world of the internet with increasing суbеr-аttасkѕ, соmраniеѕ don’t have the luxury of choosing whether to implement cybersecurity systems. It is now a mandatory thing to have. But getting the right one poses another challenge to organizations alike. 

To profound a out of the box solution in cyber-security, the internationally acclaimed technology consultant and Microsoft most valuable professional – Dr. Waseem Awwad, invented an advanced, complicated AI algorithm that guessed passwords for online and offline accounts with more than 1200,000 accounts tested till now.  The system results were scary as it was successfully guessing huge number of the tested accounts passwords. 

How it works

The invented algorithms use artificial intelligence that depends on a set of advanced criteria and sciences including psychology to analyze human brain cells, targeted person environment, and their backgrounds, and successfully guess a huge number of passwords of the tested accounts. 

According to the inventor, developing this algorithm in addition to some secrets approaches that he didn’t declare, took him years of deep research, study, and hard work to achieve the best results.   

To make the password guessing process more efficient, Dr. Awwad simultaneously build another system that can collect some information on the targeted accounts that will help the algorithm in the guessing process. 

What others are saying 

Many cybersecurity experts expressed concerns about how this new AI algorithm can change restructure the cybersecurity in the coming days. 

However, Dr. Awwad has assured that he will not share the algorithms with any third party and retain the discreet right to the system; to avoid leaking the secret algorithms to non-peaceful parties that are liable to abuse the system and cause criminal attacks. 

Dr. Awwad also reassured that the system will be used solely for humanitarian business and noble missions. 

At this point, it is worth noting that Dr. Awwad has a 146+ IQ score, remarkable track records, and achievements with the governments seeking his support in critical missions against cyber-attacks and leading investigation committees.

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