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Lola Products Introduces Wowables® – The Eco-friendly Breakthrough in Paper Towel Usage

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Lola Products Introduces Wowables® – The Eco-friendly Breakthrough in Paper Towel Usage

November 25
16:48 2020
These paper towels work as cost-efficient and eco-friendly replacements to disposable, bleached one-time use paper towels.

America leads the world’s paper towel consumption, despite costing the average family of paper towel users near $200 every year and their negative impact on global warming. People still prefer to use disposable products over reusable. The reason is that Americans simply love convenience. Serial entrepreneur brothers Charles and John Spitaletta know this desire for “easier” is costly for the average American family.

To help consumers retain desired “ease” in usage, plus save real money and get a much more environment-friendly product simultaneously, they introduce Wowables®, a revolutionary alternative to disposable paper towels.

“Wowables change the game. No longer are Americans subject to one-time use, disposable, bleached paper towels for convenience,” said Charles Spitaletta. He continues, “‘Big Paper’ introduced the disposable paper towel back in 1930 with the growing trend nationwide to make things easier at any cost. The environment was simply not a consideration in 1930. Nobody knew there were consequences.”

The convenience of paper towels comes with an environmental impact. Spitaletta explained that each day, there are 3,000 tons of toxic, bleached-white paper towels ending up in landfills adding up to one million tons per year.

Though some Americans can use rags, cloths, and newer “UnPaper” towels as alternatives, these other solutions may not be convenient for most users or truly eco-friendly. People still need to clean them with soap and water after every use. With Wowables, users can simply wipe up any spill, and rinse off with just water. The team at Lola Products calls it “convenient reusability.”

According to John Spitaletta, the average American family spends nearly $15,000 over a lifetime using disposable paper towels. Some families go through two, three to 400 rolls per year. Americans spend an average of $6 billion per year on disposable paper towels alone. Now with the pandemic, they are spending even more money to have them on standby. Those concerns go away with Wowables®, which are reusable where one sheet can last a month, and they save big money.

Wowables are made of 70% wood pulp and 30% unbleached non-GMO cotton. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances, and they do not have a cardboard core, which helps even further lessen any dumping into landfills. Also, Wowables have natural pigmentation dyes and are biodegradable and compostable. All this comes together, allowing Wowables® to meet the requirements of the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the most stringent environmental standard for textiles.

Many in the market are under the assumption that Bamboo Towels are biodegradable. Bamboo by itself is biodegradable, but when made into a towel, it contains synthetics, rendering it not biodegradable and not as eco-friendly as Wowables.

Wowables are one of many product lines manufactured and distributed by Lola Products, a brand that has been specializing in high quality, yet affordable cleaning tools for America since 1969.

To see more benefits of Wowables, visit To learn more about Lola, visit

About Lola Products

Lola Products has been and continues to be a USA-based leading “full-line” manufacturer and distributor of branded and private label cleaning tools since 1969. The company is a family-owned and operated company headed up by Chairman Edward D. Spitaletta and four of his sons. The company takes great pride in delivering cleaning products that exceed expectations and “clean-up” faster, more affordably, where the job is done right the first time and each consecutive time utilized.

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