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Every Energetic Dog Should Have a Dog Collar for Pulling

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Every Energetic Dog Should Have a Dog Collar for Pulling

October 21
23:54 2020
Every Energetic Dog Should Have a Dog Collar for Pulling

Taking your dog for a walk on a perfect evening is the most fun part of having a dog at home. Dogs love it, and it’s a comforting experience for both of you. Also not to forget; it is an enjoyable way to bond with your dog and it’s essential to keep them wholesome, safe and strong but have you been avoiding your regular evening walks with your pup due to its pulling nature? Sometimes dogs can get extra excited in an outdoor environment. Even if you are a beginner or you have been around dogs for an extended period, we all have observed that sometimes they tug so hard on the leash continuously that it fades the happy element of the walk and you end up being tired and exhausted. The whole pulling experience is not the best for your dog either because the continuous pulling can be harsh for them too. Are you stuck in a situation like this?  Now is a great time to get your dog a permanent chic and comfortable accessory. If you are thinking of a collar or harness to help with pulling, your thoughts are spot on.

Collar is an essential accessory for all dogs, and it has been around for centuries now, but their importance has significantly increased in the past few decades. The increase in urban traffic and complex injury laws have made it crucial that every pet owner should utilize a dog collar for the dog’s safety and everyone around them because if a dog gets away from you in an outdoor environment there is a massive risk of accidents and sometimes the owners are also sued for not being responsible enough and have to pay a hefty compensation. This is a situation that every dog owner dreads. Getting your dog the best pulling dog collar is a simple solution to avoid such circumstances.

Comfort, style and a proper fit are the fundamental things that you should consider before investing in a dog collar. At this point, most dog owners with active and energetic pets get confused about whether to get a harness or dog collar for dogs. Let’s be honest, when it comes to pets comfort there is no standard rule because every pet is different so trial and error is the way to go to find the best suiting accessory for controlling your dog when it is trying to get away from you.

When you have found a suitable collar for your dog, the next most common query is how tight should a dog collar be. A common mistake observed is to either put the collar too tight or too loose.  The Collar Club, with its extensive experience and expertise with dog collars ranging from slip collars, prong collars, collars for big and small dogs and proper fitting of collars, answers this critical question. They recommend that a collar should be tight enough that your dog can’t pull the collar over its head and as a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit two-fingers between your pet and the collar to ensure maximum comfort for your dog. Want to get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the best collars for dogs who pull? The Collar Club publishes well-researched articles on the subject for its readers, ensuring that every dog owner gets the best collar for their pulling dog because you and the dog should never miss a walk.

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