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Toronto Based Clinic Provides Online and Offline Assessment Tools to Help Diagnosis and Treatment

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Toronto Based Clinic Provides Online and Offline Assessment Tools to Help Diagnosis and Treatment

August 27
03:35 2020
Addiction Rehab Toronto Offers a Range of Addiction Assessment Tools For Diagnosing Addiction

Addiction Rehab Toronto provides a selection of online addiction assessment tools that can be used by drug users or their loved ones to evaluate the presence of or level of addiction. While the tools are not intended to give personalized or fully comprehensive diagnoses, they can give an idea of the extent of a problem and how urgently help should be sought from a professional.

The first assessment, a “CAGE Questionnaire” asks four simple questions that identify potential drug or alcohol dependencies. Respondents answering two or more questions in the affirmative are more likely to have an issue with drug or alcohol abuse, and any respondents answering yes to the final question are encouraged to seek immediate assistance.

The second test Addiction Rehab Toronto provides is the TWEAK Test, which uses a set of five questions with answers graded by score to grade the severity of a potential drug or alcohol dependency or abuse by an individual. Provided courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, the test measures a person’s ability to handle alcohol, level of worry, whether or not the person drinks first thing in the morning, levels of amnesia, and whether they feel they need to reduce their levels of drinking.

The clinic also provides a more generalized and detailed questionnaire that uses a series of 29 questions in order to cross examine an individual’s drug habits and potential abuse or addiction. The questions cover a variety of topics to assist the respondent in understanding the extent of their potential problem, and quantifying the effects it has on their life. The ultimate goal of this questionnaire is to ascertain how the respondent felt when considering the answers to the questions, and to establish how central drugs or alcohol are to their routine, and the negative impact they have on them.

In addition to its series of online assessments, Addiction Rehab Toronto also provides residential care for patients in North Toronto. The space aims to provide a tranquil and therapeutic environment that allows patients to relax and reflect on their situation, while also providing the range of treatments required to battle addictions, dependencies and the side effects of those.

The center is set in peaceful gardens that offer relaxation in addition to a range of fitness apparatus and other games designed to stimulate patients into enjoying other activities. Patients’ daily schedules are also custom designed to fit their individual personality and situation, and incorporate sport and fitness, sessions with a counsellor, and encouragement to participate in individual hobbies and educational learning. The center is also designed to allow patients’ families and loved ones to be as much a part of their treatment as they would like, and features separated living quarters to enable men and women to be able to focus on their own recovery as much as possible. 

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a North Toronto-based residential care facility for patients to combat drug and alcohol addictions and their side effects. The recently refurbished treatment center is set in an acre of beautiful land, and features a range of facilities and amenities to make patients as comfortable as possible, and their treatment as effective as it can be.

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