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Christel Decker Bresko’s: Living in a Land Where no Apples Grow

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Christel Decker Bresko’s: Living in a Land Where no Apples Grow

June 30
10:34 2020

Christel Decker Bresko’s Living in a Land Where no Apples Grow is a unique story of one women’s determination and drive to spread the good news of the Lord with Christ by her side. Her journey took her across continents from humble beginnings, before settling in remote northern Alaska. What drove her there and encouraged her to keep the faith when times were tough is a story that will enthrall you from the moment you turn the first page. We sat down with Christel to learn more about the woman behind the book.

“I’ve always believed that if you have faith and love in your life, you can conquer anything that stands in your way. From my early life in Europe to my journey to the U.S., I had Christ by my side every step of the way. But it was when I reached the U.S. and made my own family that everything really started to fall into place. I soon realized that it was connecting the good news of Christ with the people of the world that would really make me happy and strengthen my faith.”

The idea of devoting yourself to a higher purpose and spreading a new way of looking at the world is a powerful one indeed.

“In truth, I was never in doubt that this was my calling in life. The idea came to me one day to move everything I had and go and live with the Indians, so that’s what we all did. It was a little daunting and seemed crazy at first, but before we knew it we felt at home and at peace in our new environment. To say it was a culture shock would be something of an understatement, but it was our faith that strengthened us and gave us the belief we needed to keep moving forward.”

Christel’s unique outlook on life is something that captivates you the moment you speak to her, so we wanted to know what she hopes her reader will get out of her work.

“I’ve always believed that if you can find a connection with someone, no matter whether it’s in person or in print, you can use it as guide for the rest of your life. My story is different to so many others out there because it goes down avenues where most of us would never even think to look. That’s what my life has been all about, and I want it to serve as inspiration for anyone who is looking to find strength and salvation through their faith. All I can tell you is that without my faith by my side, I would have never made it to the other side.”

It’s a unique way to look at the world, and one which deserves to be explored in so much more detail than a quick sit down interview, especially for those looking for a new spark of inspiration.

To enjoy her new book, visit today and connect with a story unlike any other.

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