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Plastic Surgeon CKI Do Quang Khai Brings A Trend for Augmentation Rhinoplasty With L-Line Shape in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Plastic Surgeon CKI Do Quang Khai Brings A Trend for Augmentation Rhinoplasty With L-Line Shape in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

January 20
21:06 2020
Plastic Surgeon CKI Do Quang Khai Brings A Trend for Augmentation Rhinoplasty With L-Line Shape in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Plastic surgery is a job that requires integrity, detail orientation and putting customer safety first.

Who is Dr. Do Quang Khai?

Dr. CKI Do Quang Khai (aka Dr. Khai) is one of the most talented plastic surgeons in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It could be said that Dr. Khai is the one who brings a trend for augmentation rhinoplasty with L-Line Shape in Sai Gon.

Dr. Do Quang Khai

Where does he work?

Dr. Khai used to work at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Faculty – Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy (one of the most famous hospitals in Vietnam).

At the moment, he is the Professional Director of Klain Beauty Center.

His certifications and qualifications

Completion in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery course at the University of Tennessee in the United States.

Member of many associations that specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery in both the domestic and international market such as HSPAS (Ho Chi Minh City Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery), ISPRES (International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery).

Attendee of all international conferences and seminars on Plastic Surgery – Aesthetics in Vietnam and abroad.

His experiences and abilities

Bring a trend for augmentation rhinoplasty with L-Shaped in Saigon and Vietnam in general.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetology and has successfully performed more than 10,000 cases of rhinoplasty, with almost 4500 cases of L-Line Shaped.

Handle special cases such as narrow nostrils deviated septum or large noses in augmentation rhinoplasty.

Why Dr. Khai at Klain Beauty Center?

Good aesthetic results without complication.

Almost no chronic pain during and after surgery for customers.

Short hospital stay, patients can return to their daily work quickly.

Dr. Khai  is well-trained, high-qualified, widely experienced which is the best choice for plastic surgery in Ho Chi Minh City as well as Vietnam.

Putting quality first, Dr. Khai (www.bacsikhai.com) only uses high-end plastic surgery materials, which are provided by official companies, to ensure safety for customers.

With the methodical investment, Klain Beauty Center possesses the most advanced equipment and technology system in the plastic surgery market.

The procedure of plastic surgery at Klain Beauty Center follows the safety standards of the Ministry of Health. Major plastic surgery interventions are performed at the operating room with 5-stars standard.

Services provided
At Klain Beauty Center, Dr. Khai performs a lot of cosmetic related services.

The 6 most popular services are Augmentation Rhinoplasty are:

L-Line Shaped

Ergonomix Breast Augmentation

Liposuction/Abdominal surgery

Eyelid surgery

Lip augmentation

Facelift surgery.

Implementation process and Customer care process at Klain Beauty Center

Implementation process

In order to bring absolute safety and trust to customers, Dr. Do Quang Khai carries out the procedure of professional cosmetic surgery:

Step 1: Doctor consultation and prescription advice

Before conducting surgery, Dr. Khai will perform consultations and examinations to understand clearly about customers’ situations and listen to the customer’s wishes, aspirations. Consequently, he could choose a suitable plastic surgery method.

Step 2: Health check

Dr. Khai will conduct tests to find out whether the client’s body is eligible for surgery.

Step 3: Post-Operative Pain-Relief and surgical infusion

Patients will be taken to the operating room for post-operative pain-relief and ready for plastic surgery.

Step 4: Postoperative care

After the surgery, customers will be rested in the recovery room that is fully equipped with high-class medical equipment. It helps the recovery process take place quickly.

Our surgeon will likely provide you with specific post-op instructions on diet, abstinence and prescribe medication to speed up the wound healing process.

Customer care process

Before being discharged from the hospital, customers will be prescribed medication by the doctor with instructions such as postoperative care, abstinence, re-examination date, etc so that they can get the best outcome.

When customers get home, they will be contacted daily by health care staff for wound cleaning instructions, medication reminders, and postoperative notes. Especially, when it is close to re-examination date or customers need to remove stitches, health care staff will call to remind them. It prevents customers from skipping the re-examination step because of busy schedules.

After the postoperative period, if customers want a follow-up visit, they can book an appointment with our health care staff. They will arrange a suitable re-examination schedule.

If you are looking to improve the beauty of yourself with a safe method, reasonable price and special care, Dr. Khai at Klain Beauty Center is a prestigious and effective choice.

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